December, oh LAWD!

Well, I made it to December!

The Fall term has been insane.  I will admit that I have bit off way more than I could chew in terms of work, school and everything else that I do.  On top of all of that, all sorts of drama and overall crap has been happening.  Tough to keep my head up sometimes, but I am trying my hardest!

My birthday is this Sunday . . . December 4th!  I am turning 22, wow, I honestly never thought I’d make it this long.  (:D)  I’ve been thinking a lot about age lately, seeing clients getting married, have babies, live through the death of a partner — life!  It is insane!  I guess I am still young in the journey, other than college, no really huge life changers happening.  I’m ready to open a new chapter by attending law school . . . most likely in Philadelphia (my business, friends, everything is here, so I’m staying).

So — 3 years of school until . . . 2015?  Hoping to keep Liberty Weddings, Liberty Pet Sitting, etc. all going in the meantime.  Hoping to open my own office in the future — Stacy Litz, Inc.!  I work for myself, I’m the renaissance woman, the ultimate individual.

Anyway, the rest of December . . . finals are next week, and I am going to have to lock myself in the library until my fingers are bleeding from all the papers that I need to write.  Ultimate catch up.  My apartment is subletted out since I will be gone from Dec 9th to Jan 9th — why not make some money for that wasted rent?  I’m realizing real estate is not a field that I want to go into, however, from my subletting experiences and dealing with people in their living environments . . . phew!  Keep me out of it and “God” bless my parents for doing real estate all their lives.

I am going to Belgium from the 9th to the 18th.  I found out that I am keynote speaker at the Winter Congres for Jong Libertarien — wow.  I need to get to writing my speech, but I’m thinking something along the lines of, “Libertarians are negative about everything NOW, but what about our future?  And how can we obtain liberty in our everyday lives?”  We all know the rhetoric, the “ultimate Libertarian equation for everything,” the philosophers, the practicality . . . what is next?  But anyway, I’m excited.  I love traveling and this is going to be epic, especially after learning about Belgium’s politics and government in class, taking French (which a lot of Belgians and Europeans know) for 7 years, and . . . beer?  Liberty?  I’m excited!

And then Christmas is going to come and go, all with a mish mash of seeing my parents, seeing my petit ami’s family, driving, working, exploring my freedom, and so on!  School starts late this year, finally, a real break!  I haven’t had a break from school (no summers off) in 4 years.  I’m ready.

Well, I’ve got to be off to pet sit, lift heavy weights at the gym, class and whatever else I do on Fridays . . . oh yeah, and prepare for a kick ass party for this weekend.  🙂


One thought on “December, oh LAWD!

  1. Happy birthday!

    So you’re going to stay in Philly after all? Weren’t you considering moving up to “The Shire” (I recall seeing something on your facebook, probably a comment my friend Nick Ford posted about you looking at UNH Law School)? Either way, good luck.

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