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I worked as a News Analyst and I am currently the Social Media Specialist of  the Center for a Stateless Society.

I am the Dean of Marketing at Individual Sovereign University.

Mises, is cool and it has such wonderful community boards to troll.

(Click above for a full size mosaic!)

I am Anti-War.
Obama Body Count

I am a FR33AGENT.  As a sovereign individual, I own myself.

Also, I am fond of agorism and voluntaryism.

Perhaps one day I will move to New Hasmpshire to be a part of the Free State Project.
Free State Project

I am LOLA, of course!

I work with the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and the Campus Freedom Network, and in 2010, I was named first place winner of the CFN incentive contest!  I currently intern here, too!
Fire Speech Code

Drexel will be a green light school by the time I graduate!

I am a campus coordinator with Students for Liberty.

I am secretary of the Drexel University Student Liberty Front.

I am the founder of the Drexel University chapter of Students for a Sensible Drug Policy.


3 thoughts on “Affiliations

  1. I think you should replace BCS with Fr33Agents? Yes no? I like your site otherwise. I will be checking back hope all is well in Greece.


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