Birthday and Stuff.

Hoorah!  I made it through the birthday weekend, passing out at 9:30PM yesterday (my actual birthday).

The party went well.  We went to Sang Kee and karaoked, drank too much, went back to my place for the after party.  After figuring out the music situation, the DJs went to work and played some awesome beats.  Dancing, too much drinking (again).  Went to bed by 5AM after finally exchanging presents with Kenneth (we have the same birthday, same party, too).  Woke up at 8AM, cleaned up everything, and baby sat.

Went out shooting yesterday with Kenneth, his sister, brother, and cousin.  Wow!  At first I sucked because I was looking out of the wrong eye but then, BAM, four in a row!  We were shooting the little clay “birds” with a shotgun.  Afterwards we went out for Korean BBQ and my vegetarianism wavered for a little bit.  Just a little.  I was tempted.

Now it is finals week and I am leaving for Belgium on Friday.  My apartment is subletted out, I’ve got lots of work to do, and the heat is on.  I’m so used to stress at this point, I am literally just like, “Whatever.”  But yeah.  I may die.  Just saying.

Wish me luck!


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