My name is Stacy Litz, and I was born on December 4th, 1989 and raised in Easton, Pennsylvania. I am currently a junior at Drexel University in Philadelphia, part of a 5 year program with three, six month internships. I am studying for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, with minors in Greek studies and world history and politics. I currently interning at the Foundation of Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). I have a number of other jobs (that require more then getting the coffee) including being the Social Media Analyst for the Center for a Stateless Society as well as the Dean of Marketing for Individual Sovereign University.  I am a campus representative for Koofers and Chattersource.   I write  for Examiner, and my articles can be found here and here. I have started my own small business, called Shaman Scents, in which I sell scented body oils and some holistic herbal concoctions.  On the weekend, you may find me officiating a wedding and performing ceremonies in the Philadelphia area as a part of Liberty Weddings.  I am also a certified Spinning instructor, which is a stationary bike workout that can be rather intense!  Also, I was recently just picked up by Silver Circle Movie for blogging.

I am the secretary of Student Liberty Front, a student organization, and since elected to the executive board, I have helped organize many events on and off campus. In the past, we have had John Stossel, David Boaz, Radley Balko, Thomas DiLorenzo, Rep. Sam Roher and more come speak at the University. We have been tabling on campus at least once a week, distributing literature and speaking with students on the ideas of individual liberty. Off campus, we have taken part in the Tax Day Tea Party, the END THE FED rally, the Equality Forum march, NORML march, the Philadelphia Forum for Freedom Conference, and Patri Friedman with the Temple Libertarians.  We are also the winners of the Students for Liberty 2010 Student Group of the Year award and we have hosted the Students for Liberty Mid Atlantic Regional Conference two years in a row.

I am also the founder of the Drexel chapter of Students for a Sensible Drug Policy and co-founder of the Drexel chapter of Young Americans for Liberty.

Nationally, I am a Students for Liberty Campus Coordinator — so I work to start up new student organizations in the Philadelphia area.  In the past, I was the Young Americans for Liberty Pennsylvania chair.  There is nothing better then new student groups for liberty starting up across the country!

I have won a few awards, including 2010 Campus Freedom Network Incentive program 1st place winner, Phillip’s Foundation Ronald Reagan Scholarship and 2010 Drexel Student of the Year award winner.

My interests include long walks, “the great outdoors,” dancing/raving with glowsticks, being active and physically fit, philosophy, languages (Latin, Greek, French, Russian, Arabic), my guinea pigs, eating amazing food, volunteering, ice cream, web design, and much more — I refer to myself as an “ace of all trades,” better then a jack!


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  1. Keep up the good work and don’t be so frustrated. I assume you are in this for the long haul, so if you really want to stay healthy be sure to give your body a break and not anger so easily.

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