I’m currently collecting anarchist literature and converting them into zine/booklet or pamphlet form.

“Full” list found here (excuse all the notes, this Google Document is shared and workable).

AnarchoZines is updated from this list, and you can subscribe if you have a Tumblr account.

If you’re a beginner on the subject of liberty, I highly recommend TOLFA (The On-Line Freedom Academy) and reading some of the following to understand the basics:

There are many more resources for readings, such as the Online Liberty Library, which basically has everything!
Also, books listed on the Student Liberty Front Liberty Library page are available to be borrowed from me upon request.

3 thoughts on “Readings

  1. Read “I, Pencil” then “Economics in One Lesson.”

    Then take a healthy dose of Murray Rothbard, Walter Block, Ludwig von Mises, and Hans Herman Hoppe.

    For your listening pleasure, add the recordings of the lectures from Mises University to your MP3 player.

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