EASY Homemade Iced Drinks!

It is easy to constantly purchase bottle after bottle of individual serving size drinks or expensive coffee beverages in our daily lives.

Here are two that I made in the past week that are awesome!

Iced Green Tea
Boil a large pot of water on the stove, add 5-6 tea bags per pot once the water has boiled.  Let the tea steep for 10+ minutes or until the water has cooled.  Pour the water into a gallon jug.  Each jug can hold 2-3 pots in total.  Put in the fridge and enjoy!  When green tea is iced, it doesn’t have as strong of a flavor as when it is hot.  Very refreshing and light, almost like really crisp water.  You also get the amazing health benefits!

Iced Coffee
This is the “not so healthy” version, but a little goes a long way.  Start by pouring a can of sweetened, condensed milk into a gallon jug.  A funnel is helpful here!  Start brewing 8 cups of coffee.  I used my Keurig and just did K-cup after K-cup (I take these from PNC Bank, they are FREE there, so stock up)!  You can do flavored, too, I have a raspberry mocha flavor that is to die for.  You can wait for the coffee to cool, but so it is still warm, and pour it into the jug.  Get the jug half full and SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE until the condensed milk is nicely mixed and not stuck on the bottom.  Then, add the rest, shake gently, and you are good to go!  I also added a few shots of espresso (you can add 8 if you want each serving to have a shot).  Serve over ice or iced coffee cubes.

If you can’t tell, I’m a coffee addict.  🙂



The Mark Zuckerberg Effect

Thinking about the Facebook timeline . . .

which takes much longer to obtain desired information from profile pages.

845 million people are being forced to switch to timeline.

Think about the amount of time everyone is “wasting” figuring out 1) how to use this timeline, 2) realizing, “WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?” and 3) having to do random things, like longer scroll times and having to click around to see things that were in plain sight before.

SO MUCH TIME WASTED.  I bet within all this wasted time, a cure for cancer could have been found.  I shit you not.

You go, Mark Zuckerberg, you control the entire world (well, almost).



Stolen Car Saga Continues . . . Court and Impoundment Lot


Thank you for all of you who have donated so far.  You have been way more than generous.  I am still hoping to raise some money, I was hoping to go for the “lots of people donate, every one donates less” method, kind of like taxation (or not)!

Friday was a very interesting day.  It was, in fact, Friday the 13th.  I woke up to a phone call from my friend who had accidentally hit a pedestrian crossing the road and she was taking off class all day because of this.  We then started the magical journey to traffic court.

We arrived and were greeted by signs that told us not to distribute literature and obey our masters.  We walked through a metal detector and then got in line to fine out when we had to go to court.  I went in at 11AM and we had until 1PM until court.  We went out for lunch.

We came back and it turns out that everyone who had an impounded car went to court together.  The judge came out, who is “honorable” for some reason, and we were forced to stand.  Everyone in front of me got up in front of the judge and was basically publicly ridiculed.  She spoke in a way that was like, “I’m going to have to fine you $1,000,” as if she, herself, represented the state in all of its entirety.  Can you imagine having such (illegitimate) power?  “PAY ME $X OR I STEAL YOUR CAR AND DESTROY YOUR LIFE.  ALSO, YOU GO TO JAIL!  MWHAHAHA!”  Very scary.  I almost cried seeing this happen, it isn’t funny at all, actually.

My turn came up.  I was very quick.  “Pay $175 and you have to go into court.”

So we went out and paid the $175 and then started our journey to the impoundment lot.

Now, I was lucky.  VERY lucky that my friend was with me to drive.  I have no idea how people who had their cars taken and have no other rides do this.  Seriously difficult.  The impoundment lot is in South Philly and we were just north of Center City.  The whole process just infuriates me — so many people had to miss work and so many workers are doing jobs that don’t create any progress.

Anyway, I get to the impoundment lot and I am forced to pay another $205 to get my car out.  This is how much it cost to tow it and store it (in a pretty large, empty in many places lot).  The paper work was tedious and took forever, but the man who was at the office turned out to be a big Zeitgeist whore.  Wait a minute — why are you working for the Parking Authority then!?  We had a good conversation about the cops, though, turns out there are people on your side in the strangest of places.

I then went into the lot and got my car.  I showed the man who walked me to it my Fuck the PPA sticker.  He said he hates his job and he is only working there for the money.  He is working on starting his own business and he is going to quit as soon as he can.  I applauded him on this and told him to save himself.  It is sad that people need money so badly that they work for such evil places — is the cost of living too high that people need to work dead-end jobs instead of pursuing creative and innovative interests?

The day was a total drain and a strong smack in the face of reality.  I am sticking with my position that all cops are bad, all government is evil, and the majority of people are sheep and blind followers.  These victimless crimes are “bringing in revenue” but going to support these unnecessary jobs for the sake of just creating jobs!  And it is really demeaning to be a super hard worker who legitimately works her butt off to make some sort of “wealth” (that never really adds up to where it should) and it is stolen from me.  $897.  My goal in life is to be happy, the pursuit of happiness, yes, and it is taken away every SECOND I am living.

I contemplate every day if I should move out of the country — but I can only be a tourist for so long before I realize that the evils are every where.


$36 registration sticker ended up causing my car to be stolen and $500+ in fines (please read and help)


Today I was driving to Chinatown from my job at the Salvation Army.  I noticed a surplus of cops around and I drove very cautiously and pulled into the parking lot where I usually park at 10th and Vine.

Suddenly, the flashing lights.  Cop comes up to my door.  He asks for all my information — I ask him why I was pulled over (well, parked over).  He said I had an expired registration sticker.  I was confused because I thought my emissions test sticker was the same date (5/12), but it turns out my registration expired in 2/12.

My boyfriend Kenneth comes out of another car parked in the same lot and he asks what is going on.  The officer explains, and then goes in his car for a while.  He comes out and tells me he would give me a chance to renew my registration online, on my phone.  I attempt to, but when it comes down to having my title number, I couldn’t find it anywhere.  I left it at my house.

Look out for Philadelphia Police officer with badge number 6886. Car #636.

In the meantime, while I am scrounging for my information, Kenneth tries asking the police officer, now police officers (back up), some questions.  He tries to get them to think about what they are doing, why the law is the way it is, and so on.  He asked if the law was actually stopping crime, actually doing good, if doing these horrible acts to me would help, etc.  This frustrated the cops, the one closed his window on us so he couldn’t answer anymore questions.

I couldn’t get my registration renewed online, so the only other option, THE ONLY, was to impound my car and give me hefty tickets.  There was no human face behind this decision.  I could have gotten a warning, went home, and did it in 5 minutes.  The tow truck arrived almost instantly and my car was taken away.

I believe the reason I was tracked down and my car was stolen was because I had three bumper stickers on my car.  RON PAUL 2012, http://www.fucktheppa.org and “COPS SAY LEGALIZE DRUGS,” LEAP.CC.  I know that I take a risk everyday of cops seeing my car and getting suspicious.  I honestly didn’t realize my registration expired, though.  At all.  It was an honest mistake although it makes no sense that the government requires registration anyway (except it brings in revenue).  But I can almost guarantee if I had a Fraternal Order of the Police sticker on my car, I would have gotten a warning AT MOST.

The police officer told me that my boyfriend was “stupid” and just has to obey the law.  I told him we both see many problems in the system and this is one of them.  I also told him that he had no heart.  And that was it, my car was gone.  My fines are $121+$396.  I can’t afford this, so I am going to ask for help.  I am not asking for much — I have 4,000 friends on Facebook and a Twitter following.  If 500 people gave a dollar, I’d be golden.  If I can reach this goal, I am sending a letter to the police officer explaining how much my community helped me and cares.I work hard for my wealth, for my car, for some sezzof happiness — these officers get paid to steal and fine when they see it fit.  They blindly obey laws that make no sense.  They hinder progress and continue to support medieval laws and punishment techniques.  Help me get out of this situation — so I can keep fighting and especially leave those bumper stickers on my car!


As of late . . .

I am graduated from Drexel University (or so I think).  I didn’t really make a big deal because I have to wait until June to “walk” — I am just out a term early.  I’m still waiting to hear back from law schools — I should be staying in the Philadelphia area.

Now I am just working — Liberty Weddings is always poppin’, Liberty Pet Sitting is going (just going, not thriving), Liberty Fitness (will it be called that?) is going with me personally, but not publicly.

Shaman Scents may be making a come back, but with way less products than before.  I am going to stick with three or four scents, mainly essential oils, and get them perfect!

Started a little something called Fuck the PPA.  I currently only have a website and bumper stickers.  I own about 300 white t-shirts that will be getting screen printed.  All of this is coming out of pocket until I get some kind of funding.  I am thinking there is enough support in Philadelphia for this idea, right?

Hoping to start a form of group exercise (a class, a concept) called Partner Fitness with Kenneth.  You can check out the blog for more information.  Other than this, I have been keeping up with teaching Spinning/Cycling classes and now I am teaching BodyPump, too.  In really good shape,

Trying and failing when wanting to write a book.  Tried to do fiction about a year ago.  Fail.  Tried to do philosophy/anarchy concepts.  Fail.  Now I am going to attempt to write The Face of the Drug War, and I think I am inspired enough to do it.  I am hoping to lock myself in my bedroom, surrounded by empty pizza boxes and Chinese food cartons and have the most horrendous five o’clock shadow — and I will get it done (oh wait, I’m too busy to do that)!

Life has been a bit depressing lately.  The future looks bleak, especially for this country.  Really brings me down.


My definition of “ignorant.”

I often say things like, “That person is dumb,” or, “That idea is stupid.”  What do I mean by that — well, I tried to figure it out today by making a list.
Some ideas:
  • Draws conclusions quickly without looking at “the whole picture”
  • Not observant of surroundings
  • Given adequate amount of time and proper instruction, cannot learn
  • Not worldly, only lives in own bubble
  • Acts primal with little to no rationality, regardless of consequences of one’s actions
  • Contradictions in one’s personal philosophy, morals and/or actions
Someone may espouse most of these traits but get away with it by being really smart (high IQ, perhaps), tricky, witty — I see this often, but these people get tiring because they are usually fast talkers who believe that they have the world figured out.
People who have these traits may also be great during social interactions — they may easily talk to the masses and be accepted.  They may have more empathy and understanding, while people who strive to be above these things may be seen as “elitist.”

Darn it, does paleo work?

About 6 months ago, I was pretty anti-paleo diet because I would work out everyday in a “cross fit” fashion, always mixing up my workouts, getting high intensity cardio with strength training, and I got a bangin’ body with a near six pack.  I would eat bread, carbs, and not really watch what I ate.  I let myself go for a little bit regarding my workouts and I upped the sugar and carbs in my diet — gained some weight, surprise.  For the past month, I’ve gotten myself back on track with my fitness.  I have become Bodypump certified (one hour barbell strength workout class), attended a 3 day fitness conference, and I try to workout every day.

About 3 weeks ago at this point, I decided to eat more protein based, low carb foods.  I still feel ravenously hungry at some points, but the transformation that has occurred is a little strange.   I will feel hungry and make an egg white, spinach, mushroom, onion concoction of some sort.  Probably about 100 calories at most.  I will feel instantly full — but not like I just ate a huge sandwich.  A light, airy fullness that allows me to perform better in my workouts, jump higher, run faster, etc.

And on top of it, my body is getting back in tip top shape!  We will see if this works for the long run!

Jobs in the liberty movement and the 2012 ISFLC keynote speech

I don’t write enough anymore.  And I have a lot of thoughts.

The keynote speaker at the Students for Liberty conference disappointed me a bit (a lot).  Not to say she isn’t a very cool lady, but the speech was not the best to sum up the sensationalism of the liberty movement and the conference.

Marty Zupan, president of IHS, discussed her rise “to the top” in an individualized speech.  After hearing her talk about herself for quite some time, she moved on to the topic of how the liberty movement needs paper pushers to work for think tanks, non-profits, etc.  She mentioned a couple of people who rose above this status through working their way through the ranks.  I wasn’t very inspired.

Sure, I suppose the speech was supposed to inform us that “you’ve got to start somewhere” and that means “being someone else’s bitch” for the most part, but she never mentioned the other career options within the liberty movement.  She also didn’t mention that, sadly, hundreds of students and new alumni that seek out these jobs end up unrecognized, being paid minimum wage or a stipend, and living not to the fullest of their capabilities.

1)  You can work for yourself, something that the conference had a panel on (entrepreneurship), which is great.  This also includes agorism, working around the government, taxes, etc., and hey, not getting a government degraded paycheck.

2)  You can work in the liberty movement, but demand more out of your position.  So, if you are simply doing data entry, you need to ask for something that puts your name out there and gets you more attention.  Don’t just sit around waiting for your chance, TAKE IT.  One blog entry on the front page of a website, taking photos at an event, coming up with creative ideas . . . it will all go far.

3)  Mary Zupan made herself into a star at the begining of a growing movement, but now it can be tough to create a whole new think tank or non-profit when many ideas have already been taken and expanded upon (why start another Cato?  why start another Reason?) .  Now it seems as if start ups, venture capital, technology and innovation are becoming spearheads in the liberty movement (look at some of Peter Thiel’s endeavors).  Get involved with projects that may not be straight up political/academic — that is how you can win the people who aren’t on the same page as you regarding political philosophy.

Get inspired by hearing about what other individuals tell you about your own life — perhaps by listening to Zupan speak, you felt like you would like to reach her level of success someday while pursuing your interests and working with like-minded people.  Wonderful!  Just don’t forget who you are in the process — especially if you’re libertarian, you are probably against servatude (and wage slavery), right?  You can bipass this entirely if you are advantageous and keep your goals right in front of you at all times.  Don’t get lost in the glitz and glamor of the name or prestige of your employer if you are hidden in a cubicle or dark corner behind a pile of endless paper work.  Be a star!