Mike Salvi’s World mentions Stacy as Sponsor

Check out Mike Salvi’s World to see list of sponsors including StacyLitz.com!

It was great to sponsor the Philly Phreedom Rally 2012 which included Dr. Ron Paul!  

Also, read my article on Examiner here (also read below) on the event.  

This past Saturday, the bi-annual End the Fed rally had an additional bonus to the usual march from the Federal Reserve to City Hall, and welcomed Ron Paul to the Philly Phreedom Rally at the Independence Mall lawn.  Much of this event was organized by Michael Salvi, one of Philadelphia’s top activists in the liberty movement. 

The day started at the Federal Reserve where a large crowd gathered to listen to several speakers before the traditional march began.  Speakers such as Adam Kokesh, Karen Kwiatkowski, Larken Rose and Scott Davis spoke as the crowd grew larger and larger — by noon, the march began to City Hall and back.  Despite the rain, it seemed as if more attendees showed up from the many other past marches.

The crowd gathered at Independence Mall to listen to a few other speakers, such as Michael Scheuer and James Padilioni, Jr., before seeing the headliner, Dr. Ron Paul, who is running for president.  The last time Paul had been in Philadelphia had been in 2007, which many attendees and activists recount as one of the main reasons they became active in the libertarian movement. 

There were also many tables and sponsors of the event, which can be seen listed here, and they displayed their information under tents at the rally.  Despite the rain, they informed many of the attendees of various causes on both a local and national level.  

Paul’s speech was very standard, bringing emphasis to the many current issues and events that shine a light on the problems with a large and growing government that also pursues active violence and control over the individuals of its own country and abroad.  He affirmed to the rowdy crowd that he is not only running for president to spread the message of liberty, but also to win.  

If interested in other events similar to the Philadelphia Phreedom Rally, you can visit the Truth, Freedom, Prosperity Meetup group and join current roster of 800 members in this very active group.  


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