Nerdy Glasses Trend

Oh, um, hi.

There is nothing biological in my head that should be going off when a man is wearing thick rimmed glasses.  In fact, I should be looking around for someone with 20/20 vision.  The glasses show weakness, if anything!

Maybe if, despite the “weakness,” the man is strong and successful, I still find him attractive.  I don’t know.  Maybe fashion actually affects our brains and we do enjoy that aspect of “the look” of someone we are attracted to.  I would be way more attracted to a man with these bigger glasses over a sleek metal frame.

How to be hot when wearing nerdy glasses:

  1. You’ve got to be smart (wit and humor helps)
  2. You’ve got to have style in your other fashion choices
  3. You can’t actually be a geeky, clumsy nerd that does that whole labored breathing thing

But yeah, like most fashion trends, they are being beat to death by people who just don’ t look good in them.  They’re even selling these glasses non-prescription so 13 year olds can run around thinking they are pristine or hipsters.  We’ll see where this goes in the future, until then, I will be jaw droppin’ everywhere to the few that can pull off this look successfully.

My boyfriend, world renowned physicist Kenneth Mui, trying on nerdy glasses. He now owns a pair that I'm actually wearing as I type this. Aw yeah.



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