When I tried to vote (this is funny) . . .

So I walk  into the Drexel Armory to vote today.  The place is HUGE and on one side were three tables the booths.  The people sitting behind the tables looked sub human and like they didn’t want to be there, so I mosey on up and ask where do I sign in, in which they seemed to not even know — they sent me from table to table and my name wasn’t listed.  My boyfriend was with me and attempted to ask them questions on how he could change his address for future voting, but they could hardly answer in a decent manner.  I made a comment that voting is too bloody complicated and we might as well not vote at all, and they seemed royally pissed.

I found out later that (I guess) when I purchased my car that my address was changed.  No one told me.  Yay!

Not that my vote would have changed this:

Results for Pennsylvania Republican Primary (U.S. Presidential Primary)
Apr 24, 2012 (43% of precincts reporting)
Mitt Romney 132,637 56.2%
Ron Paul 31,851 13.5%
Newt Gingrich 25,065 10.6%
Other 46,428 19.7%

Really sad.  This is the world we live in.  Yes, I can be happy that Ron Paul’s voting numbers have grown in leaps and bounds since 2008, but people are dying and being thrown in jail everyday.  PRESSING MATTER HERE.

But yes, here we go again, more the reason to take control of our own lives and go full frontal assault (literally and figuratively) on the government.  Ron Paul could be a government plant for all we know, distracting us from real change since politics doesn’t get us very far.  Well, no matter what he is, yes, he is a great stepping stone to bigger and better things — FREEDOM!


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