On Other People

Everyday I find myself struggling on how to treat other people.  It’s hard because we all probably try to follow (or at least occasionally think about) following the golden rule — “do unto others as you would have done to you.”

But what if someone is a totally horrible person.  Should you still follow the rule?

I’m thinking yes, only because this will teach them a lesson, if you stay strong with this principle, eventually they will cave in.

If you stay strong, keep treating them nicely, and they keep treating you terribly, is it time to go into attack mode?  Still, not your only answer, you can just move on with your life and ignore them.

If you try to do this and they invade your space or keep attacking, then, yes, you can do something.

Next topic.  Maybe you just don’t like someone or who they are — do you attack them?

No — first talk to them one on one.  At least make a civil attempt before hurting them.  Maybe they are not doing something intentionally.  Have you put yourself in their shoes?  Have you make a judgement too swiftly?

On a collective level, you can come out with some kind of statement of negativity.  But getting personal without prior consultation may not be wise.  If someone, however, came out with statements that explains everything, that is enough “proof” of their character.

People are generally friendly once you talk to them.  I noticed a couple of people walking their dogs in the park today.  It is sad that they needed to bring the dogs together so they could meet and greet but didn’t allow themselves to really communicate.  I think people are social creatures, they learn it helps them get what they want, so they try to have some kind of social interactions regularly.  Conflicts come up, hopefully being resolved with some reason.  So many times, people don’t think through their actions . . . that is what gets me.



One thought on “On Other People

  1. I was told recently that the Golden Rule, as it is usually stated, is backwards. That it originally was “Don’t do unto others as you would not have them do unto you.” That actually makes a lot more sense.

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