Stolen Car Saga Continues . . . Court and Impoundment Lot


Thank you for all of you who have donated so far.  You have been way more than generous.  I am still hoping to raise some money, I was hoping to go for the “lots of people donate, every one donates less” method, kind of like taxation (or not)!

Friday was a very interesting day.  It was, in fact, Friday the 13th.  I woke up to a phone call from my friend who had accidentally hit a pedestrian crossing the road and she was taking off class all day because of this.  We then started the magical journey to traffic court.

We arrived and were greeted by signs that told us not to distribute literature and obey our masters.  We walked through a metal detector and then got in line to fine out when we had to go to court.  I went in at 11AM and we had until 1PM until court.  We went out for lunch.

We came back and it turns out that everyone who had an impounded car went to court together.  The judge came out, who is “honorable” for some reason, and we were forced to stand.  Everyone in front of me got up in front of the judge and was basically publicly ridiculed.  She spoke in a way that was like, “I’m going to have to fine you $1,000,” as if she, herself, represented the state in all of its entirety.  Can you imagine having such (illegitimate) power?  “PAY ME $X OR I STEAL YOUR CAR AND DESTROY YOUR LIFE.  ALSO, YOU GO TO JAIL!  MWHAHAHA!”  Very scary.  I almost cried seeing this happen, it isn’t funny at all, actually.

My turn came up.  I was very quick.  “Pay $175 and you have to go into court.”

So we went out and paid the $175 and then started our journey to the impoundment lot.

Now, I was lucky.  VERY lucky that my friend was with me to drive.  I have no idea how people who had their cars taken and have no other rides do this.  Seriously difficult.  The impoundment lot is in South Philly and we were just north of Center City.  The whole process just infuriates me — so many people had to miss work and so many workers are doing jobs that don’t create any progress.

Anyway, I get to the impoundment lot and I am forced to pay another $205 to get my car out.  This is how much it cost to tow it and store it (in a pretty large, empty in many places lot).  The paper work was tedious and took forever, but the man who was at the office turned out to be a big Zeitgeist whore.  Wait a minute — why are you working for the Parking Authority then!?  We had a good conversation about the cops, though, turns out there are people on your side in the strangest of places.

I then went into the lot and got my car.  I showed the man who walked me to it my Fuck the PPA sticker.  He said he hates his job and he is only working there for the money.  He is working on starting his own business and he is going to quit as soon as he can.  I applauded him on this and told him to save himself.  It is sad that people need money so badly that they work for such evil places — is the cost of living too high that people need to work dead-end jobs instead of pursuing creative and innovative interests?

The day was a total drain and a strong smack in the face of reality.  I am sticking with my position that all cops are bad, all government is evil, and the majority of people are sheep and blind followers.  These victimless crimes are “bringing in revenue” but going to support these unnecessary jobs for the sake of just creating jobs!  And it is really demeaning to be a super hard worker who legitimately works her butt off to make some sort of “wealth” (that never really adds up to where it should) and it is stolen from me.  $897.  My goal in life is to be happy, the pursuit of happiness, yes, and it is taken away every SECOND I am living.

I contemplate every day if I should move out of the country — but I can only be a tourist for so long before I realize that the evils are every where.



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