As of late . . .

I am graduated from Drexel University (or so I think).  I didn’t really make a big deal because I have to wait until June to “walk” — I am just out a term early.  I’m still waiting to hear back from law schools — I should be staying in the Philadelphia area.

Now I am just working — Liberty Weddings is always poppin’, Liberty Pet Sitting is going (just going, not thriving), Liberty Fitness (will it be called that?) is going with me personally, but not publicly.

Shaman Scents may be making a come back, but with way less products than before.  I am going to stick with three or four scents, mainly essential oils, and get them perfect!

Started a little something called Fuck the PPA.  I currently only have a website and bumper stickers.  I own about 300 white t-shirts that will be getting screen printed.  All of this is coming out of pocket until I get some kind of funding.  I am thinking there is enough support in Philadelphia for this idea, right?

Hoping to start a form of group exercise (a class, a concept) called Partner Fitness with Kenneth.  You can check out the blog for more information.  Other than this, I have been keeping up with teaching Spinning/Cycling classes and now I am teaching BodyPump, too.  In really good shape,

Trying and failing when wanting to write a book.  Tried to do fiction about a year ago.  Fail.  Tried to do philosophy/anarchy concepts.  Fail.  Now I am going to attempt to write The Face of the Drug War, and I think I am inspired enough to do it.  I am hoping to lock myself in my bedroom, surrounded by empty pizza boxes and Chinese food cartons and have the most horrendous five o’clock shadow — and I will get it done (oh wait, I’m too busy to do that)!

Life has been a bit depressing lately.  The future looks bleak, especially for this country.  Really brings me down.



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