Same-Sex Marriage Panel Tonight!

I will be representing Drexel’s Student Liberty Front on a panel tonight for FUSE (the Foundation of Undergraduates for Sexual Equality) on same-sex marriage.  I’m excited!

Here is the event on Facebook.

Let’s get the government OUT of marriage!


2 thoughts on “Same-Sex Marriage Panel Tonight!

  1. I think that this marriage is prohibitted ethically, physiologically and traditionally.
    those who urge this type of unhuman relationship are not aiming for the correct and straight forward human benifits. They are aiming to destroy the normal goalsof human existence and health

  2. Sorry Mustafa, but it’s not state recognition which defines one person’s relationship with another (or others; compulsory monogamy sucks as much as compulsory heterosexuality). People will be in same-sex/same-gender relationships regardless. And how is homosexuality “inhuman” or “unhealthy”? Reproduction is not the “normal goal of human existence”; life has no meaning, so we form our own meanings. My god dude, you sound like some kind of religious nut. Are you?

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