My definition of “ignorant.”

I often say things like, “That person is dumb,” or, “That idea is stupid.”  What do I mean by that — well, I tried to figure it out today by making a list.
Some ideas:
  • Draws conclusions quickly without looking at “the whole picture”
  • Not observant of surroundings
  • Given adequate amount of time and proper instruction, cannot learn
  • Not worldly, only lives in own bubble
  • Acts primal with little to no rationality, regardless of consequences of one’s actions
  • Contradictions in one’s personal philosophy, morals and/or actions
Someone may espouse most of these traits but get away with it by being really smart (high IQ, perhaps), tricky, witty — I see this often, but these people get tiring because they are usually fast talkers who believe that they have the world figured out.
People who have these traits may also be great during social interactions — they may easily talk to the masses and be accepted.  They may have more empathy and understanding, while people who strive to be above these things may be seen as “elitist.”


One thought on “My definition of “ignorant.”

  1. I was talking to a friend the other day about incentives. If someone has an ignorant system of thinking that “works,” they’re reasonably satisfied with life, then why would they change. Change is scary.

    On the macro, this is why the elite don’t like change. If they’re on top, what’s the incentive?


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