Darn it, does paleo work?

About 6 months ago, I was pretty anti-paleo diet because I would work out everyday in a “cross fit” fashion, always mixing up my workouts, getting high intensity cardio with strength training, and I got a bangin’ body with a near six pack.  I would eat bread, carbs, and not really watch what I ate.  I let myself go for a little bit regarding my workouts and I upped the sugar and carbs in my diet — gained some weight, surprise.  For the past month, I’ve gotten myself back on track with my fitness.  I have become Bodypump certified (one hour barbell strength workout class), attended a 3 day fitness conference, and I try to workout every day.

About 3 weeks ago at this point, I decided to eat more protein based, low carb foods.  I still feel ravenously hungry at some points, but the transformation that has occurred is a little strange.   I will feel hungry and make an egg white, spinach, mushroom, onion concoction of some sort.  Probably about 100 calories at most.  I will feel instantly full — but not like I just ate a huge sandwich.  A light, airy fullness that allows me to perform better in my workouts, jump higher, run faster, etc.

And on top of it, my body is getting back in tip top shape!  We will see if this works for the long run!


One thought on “Darn it, does paleo work?

  1. The most important thing is generally to eat ‘real, good food’, not ‘avoid carbs’. Healthy societies have been observed eating large amounts of potato, for example.

    Dairy, shellfish, offal, eggs: these are the best foods. Egg yolks are far better than egg whites, almost all the nutrition is in the yolk. Supplement with fruits (including OJ), tubers, ruminant animal fats, gelatin/gelatinous meats, even white sugar is a useful food in the context of a nutritious diet (high fructose corn syrup, as found in sodas/candies, has different/bad effects).

    Grains are mostly unfit for human consumption, although they can be made tolerable with special processing (that traditional societies employed, but now these methods have been lost as common practice). The most major modern dietary danger is polyunsaturated fats, such as from the ubiquitous ‘vegetable oils’ like corn oil or soybean oil.

    I think there may be evidence that carbohydrates are a better fuel than fats, broadly speaking. So don’t toss out carbs like potatoes or orange juice or even milk and white sugar without seriously confirming that these things don’t work for you.

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