Why We Should Be Able to Opt Out (Once and For All)!

Upon hearing the news that a court ruled in favor of the police discriminating against inducting new officers with high IQs (125, not even that high), I think that the government has royally fucked itself over.

Until now, the government would like you to think that it is made up of the smart individuals who determine and enforce the laws of the land for all of us to follow.  Well, this example has proven this wrong.  The government is made up of blind followers or people who might think they are the smartest in all of the land because of their status.

I am not saying that a high IQ necessarily defines all realms of intelligence, but it certain defines some.  People with high IQs may be able to determine a more fair and rational construct of society rather than what we have today — or they may feel belittled and “brought down” for having to succumb to the circumstances that those with an inferior intelligence (sadly, the majority) have brought upon them in the form of a government.

Generalizing, intelligent people are most likely not to be the kinds of people who commit murders and crimes against humanity on a regular basis.  They have most like thought about and developed within their minds a society that promotes the most peace, the best standard of living and general prosperity for all.  These people have taken into account the problems of the past and today and developed workable solutions for a better future.

Technology and communication have made it possible to facilitate interactions amongst people who feel as if they are “stuck” in a world that is beneath them.  They are frustrated, angered, and trapped  in a world that seems to lack genuine progress.  While these people are the ones that are making the “world go round” through their hard work, academic strength, entrepreneurial spirit, philosophical ideas, community service and so on, they are still held back by means of a government that not on their level and inflicts social ills that are morally damaging.

For example, while a few collective individuals of a certain country play around with nuclear arms and create unrest in the world, as well as potentially creating a variety of issues for the citizens of their countries, it should be of no concern to people who are fully capable of realizing the irrationality of this occurrence.  Why should I, for instance, be a part of such outright silliness that has nothing to do with my day-to-day activities as a student and part-time worker?  Many people feel the way that I do, yet they are forced to pay taxes to support the establishment continuing to make a mockery of intelligence in front of our very eyes.

Therefore, I would like to declare that after taking into account this court case debacle and the current state of governments throughout the world, that those of us who feel as if the overall “intelligence quotient” of government is beneath us, we should either A) declare ourselves exempt from it (this may win in court if citing this case) and B) simply living our lives peacefully and as we would like them and inevitably committing acts of civil disobedience against the state.  Option B, for example, would include not paying taxes because this is a peaceful way of living life without government.  Now is our time!


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