Pet sitting woes . . .

I’ve had about 15 clients in the past week due to Christmas, so here are a few facts/tips of the trade that I have “learned.”   
  1. The dog will pee (or poop) on the floor no matter how many times it goes outside.
  2. The cat will attempt to escape the house in the a sneaky manner when you’re not looking (and may succeed).
  3. The more you stressed out you are, the more bad things happen (this is in just about every scenario).  
  4. The owner will lock their pet in their bedroom door and not leave you a key — so you then have to unscrew the door knob and use a crow bar to get in.  Or something like that.    
  5. You’ll get about 100 texts and calls asking if the owner’s pet is okay even though they didn’t leave enough food for it while they were gone.  
  6. You will lose your keys.  You will panic.  Then you will find them. 
  7. Pets > Children (to the owners)
  8. Owners will demand you to drop off their keys to them at no extra charge.
  9. The doormen at apartment complexes don’t remember you even if you come everyday and give you trouble when you are trying to get in. 
  10. Daily text/email updates are hardly enough — send photos, sound clips, hold the phone up to the pet’s ear while its owner talks to it.  Not kidding.

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