I’m going to start blogging . . .

. . . like I never stopped.

I will admit, life has been a complete whirlwind lately. The great, the good, the bad, the ugly. All surfacing to the extreme.

I’ve found myself working way more than usual, spending less time with school work, but overall, having a good time with life. Liberty Weddings has hit an all time high. For the month or two, I have had at least 3 weddings a weekend on average. Some weekends I have had close to 8 weddings, others 2, sometimes none, but wow! Absolutely insane. As silly as it sounds, too, pet sitting turns out to be a great business to get into and it makes serious money for the time you put into it. I’m still teaching cycling (Spinning) classes, just two on Thursday every week (definitely a killer to teach two classes in a day), and I’m looking for more opportunities near home.

I have completed a 2 month or so LSAT class, took the LSAT, got what I wanted score-wise, and now I am finishing up the application (letters of recommendation, evaluations, my letter of intent, etc.) and then I can apply. I was going to try to get this done by early November, but I’m setting my deadline for December 1st now.

Regarding liberty, I’ve reached a point in my philosophy and beliefs that is a mix of anger, frustration, disgust and desperation. I love the philosophy, the act, the . . . everything about liberty. But no matter how much I live it in the privacy of my home, through “underground business” (agorism), while out camping at Porcfest or while discussing it with friends and colleagues, there is still an indescribable evil in this world that is living, breathing and growing. Not sure how to get around these feelings . . .

That’s all for now, I’ll write more later.


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