More jobs.

Most of my updates now-a-days consist of putting myself into a permanent servitude.

I got a new car, I don’t even think that I mentioned that yet.  Basically, my old car (that I only had for less than 6 months) was leaking water like crazy, the door was starting to come apart, brake fluid was leaking and there were electrical issues.  It was a 1996 Sebring Convertible, pushing 16 years, so I guess that was expected.

So I went to a dealership and I signed my life away to a brand new car — I’ll be making payments for quite some time.  I definitely feel as if it was worth it — a new car means much more freedom to travel and safety.  Also my job(s) require a car, so it’ll at least be profitable to have one!

So I got a couple more “serious” jobs.  One is working as a campus representative at the Princeton Review.  Also, I auditioned for an indoor cycling opening at this beautiful new gym in Northeast Philly.  It has a water slide and a snack bar.  Enough said.  But anyway, I got the job and it was awesome!  I will only be teaching one class a week to start, but that is really all I can probably handle right now.

On top of this, I’m selling boat loads of beer-related collectibles for my dad on Ebay (as a friend calls it, Feebay), which is getting to be very time consuming, but I’m making 40% of the profits.

Liberty Weddings is going great and I am really getting booked up — so much so that on certain dates I need to find a back up officiant.  I suppose that is the goal, however, to make it into almost a franchise where you can still create income by not necessarily working.

I’m trying to get a Shaman Scents “intern.”  People are randomly sending me their resumes to seek real employment with me, which I find funny, because I’m not really that legit.  Hopefully this Craigslist ad that I put up will get me someone decent!

So yes, lots of jobs.  Very legit.

I suppose there are two things that I’m really looking forward to coming up.  In August, I’m going to be going to the State Policy Network Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA.  And in September, I am moving out of this apartment to a bigger one.

That’s it for now, I need to click “publish” before I let this blog sit open in my browser for another day!


One thought on “More jobs.

  1. Congrats on the new jobs. But yeah, it’s surprising that your old car was still alive after 16+ years. Most cars are specifically designed so they fall apart after 10 years or so (if you google “planned obsolescence” you’ll see what I mean; it works the same way for a lot of computers, cameras, and other things).

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