“Public schools don’t get enough funding . . . “

“. . . and that’s why they suck.”

Um, no.

They get plenty of funding.  Do some research and some basic math.  Here’s an equation:

Tax dollars for public schools + any federal money that goes to government schools + any other $ = X

X – (teacher salary)(number of teachers) – (other salaries for principals, janitors, lunch ladies, etc)(number of these people) – building costs – other reasonable costs= Y

Y should still be a substantial amount of money.  So where does it go?  Does it go back into the schools or does it go to corrupt administrators, inflated costs due to government vs. private programs, or disappear into thin air?  Take New Jersey and Philadelphia for examples.  That’s just to start!

This discussion came up in my urban sociology class, in which everyone felt that public schools were not funded enough.  Even if they weren’t, quality over quantity of teachers is also an important subject to bring up.  The types of programs being implemented, too, such as anti-drug or health programs vs. an honest program on these subjects.

It’s not about the money.


One thought on ““Public schools don’t get enough funding . . . “

  1. I think you have the equation backwards… the “money to corrupt officials” part gets subtracted BEFORE salaries and building/supplies/administrative costs are figured out.

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