My professor mentioned genies today.

I thought that was really cool. We were talking about Islam, and supposedly they believe in them. I’d like to learn more about that, I think they’re pretty cool (my obsession with Aladdin is showing). Oh yeah, and they’re made of fire. So cool.

It was weird, however, being an atheist and listening to an hour long lecture on religion. He made many inferences that we were all religious in some way and believed in some kind of God. I felt awkward and almost ashamed.  He said he was a Mormon and then said he only had one wife (har har) and that made me feel even worse, as if he was putting down women.  Can Mormon women have more than one husband?  Don’t think so.

Magic the Gathering knows what's up. Many Djinns (genies) in the game!

I was thinking about how to justify some of the mystical happenings of religion.  Did Mohammad eat some psilocybin mushrooms and end up thinking that he met with (and wrestled) an angel who gave him the voice of God?  Were some people just really awesome and some how got placed on the pedestal of worship?

I don’t know.  Religion is so weird to me, I could never see myself believing without some kind of proof.  I usually don’t feel too guilty of this, but it is pretty crazy seeing how not only millions, but billions of people can believe in this stuff!

At least atheism is more popular than libertarianism.  :/



One thought on “My professor mentioned genies today.

  1. Religion was largely created for three purposes: To explain natural events of the world that early humanity had no concept of, to unite the masses under a common cause/belief, and to control the masses under a common cause/belief.

    It was designed to be something people looking for some kind of purpose or reassurance would latch on to and follow blindly.

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