Updates! Students for a Stateless Society, T-Shirt Fundraisers, etc.

Hello, everyone!  Everyday I want to write about some of the things that are going on, but I’d prefer waiting until Sunday or the end of the week (or Monday, since I’ve procrastinated).

I’ve been working on some side projects and many of them are starting to go at full steam!  Students for a Stateless Society has an awesome website and some great bloggers that are kicking it off on the right foot!  They’re writing about everything from upcoming events, scholarships, their own philosophical ideas, and more!  Starting to get some applicants for the social media position, too, which is great!  After we get enough fans on Facebook, NetworkedBlog followers and some other things, I want to make sure S4SS and the Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS) are unified

If you have a smart phone, try it out. 🙂

correctly and an announcement is made on the site.

Speaking of C4SS, I am seeking out new social media trends, and sadly, the only thing that I could find was the whole QR code thing . . . and I don’t know.  First, you have to have a smart phone.  Secondly, you have to have a QR code application.  It is time consuming and pretty pointless to me — unless you’re offering a coupon.  Otherwise, the same old social media tactics work the best for now — although I am attending a few advertising event at the Free Library of Philadelphia in the coming weeks, so I hope that I can innovate and come up with some ideas on my own.  Forget trends, I’ll make my own.  🙂

Next, a little dilemma, but it doesn’t have to be — I have about 300 white t-shirts.  Maybe a little more than that.  At Porcfest, I hope to sell a few and maybe even offer stencils so people can decorate their own.  I sold two so far — but what I’m doing is trying to get people to donate $20 to a liberty organization and they get a free t-shirt.  I then give $10 or so to the organization and keep the rest due to shipping costs and materials fees.  Do you like this idea?  If so, here’s the Facebook event and donation information.  Don’t want to buy one?  Please send that event to someone who does!

Sample C4SS shirt! Handmade and awesome.

Good news for my Spinning hobby — I am finally getting my own class to teach in the Summer term!  I’ve been asked to sub a few times this term, which has been awesome, but now I am getting my own class (or two or three) a week.

Liberty Weddings — absolutely crazy.  So many weddings and meetings!  On Thursday, I got completely screwed over by a couple that called me about having a last minute wedding.  I had to skip class to meet them, but “traffic” held them up and we moved the date to Friday.  We set a time and we were calling and texting all day — our time rolled around and they did not show up.  No response to phone calls.  Completely disappeared.  Wasted a few hours of my life and put me in a sour mood, but I had a wedding on Saturday and another on Sunday, so life went on — glad the busy weekend is over though!

School — four essays due this week — I’m kind of happy, kind of stressed — I love writing essays, but I’ll admit that I have been extremely distracted this term and disillusioned with the “college experience” being a complete waste, but I’m trying to get it all together for the end of the term and finals.  Two more weeks to go, finals, and then a week off (and then PorcFest)!

And Shaman Scents — picking up now that I’ve been working on some things.  Adding about a dozen to two different stores in Philadelphia this week!  Also, I stopped  by Nestology in the King of Prussia Mall to restock last weekend.  I made a whopping $61 dollars in three months, woo!  I lowered some prices, made a display near the cashier and added some awesome jewelry!  Hopefully sales will improve!

Shaman Scents display in Nestology!

I’ve decided to take French as my language requirement for my BA degree — although I have taken two terms of Arabic and I have a Greek requirement.  I am pretty confident that I can take a placement test and get a pretty high ranking and then I just have to complete up to 201 and I’m done!  This language business is probably going to prevent me from graduating early, as I could possibly, but Drexel probably won’t even offer the classes that I need anyway.  We will see!

I should finally post this entry — I’ve been working on it since Friday!  Enjoy!


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