Awesome Philosophy Books on Topics in Pop-Culture

Due to the Border’s closing in Center City Philadelphia, I went in to check out their 50% off or more sale a few weeks ago.  I found the philosophy section (surprisingly, it existed) and I got four books for Tyler’s birthday that were on various topics that included whiskey, anime, the Matrix and zombies/vampires.  At first, I thought these books

looked “crappy,” probably meant for youth or n00b philosophers, but then I opened one up and started reading . . . and they’re actually really good.  I looked up the website for these series and it can be found here.  They already have 60 titles and they are still going at it!

It turns out they frequently have “calls for papers” and they accept work from anyone!  Pretty awesome — I know a lot of people who could probably submit some awesome material.

These books are great gifts to get for a friend who may not be “that into” philosophy and you want to ease them in.  Know a Seinfeld freak?  Get them the book on that!  Got a relative who is obsessed with the Atkins Diet — well there’s even one on that!  Definitely worth checking out and you can find them used on sites like Abe Books (which I use often) or just Amazon.

Glad to see that philosophy is still alive and kicking in the modern age — based off all old ideas and even developing some new concepts.  Love it.


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