Parking in Philadelphia is Ridiculous

Last night, I came home from a friend’s house around 11:00PM.

Typically, Sunday nights are when all the college students come back to campus from visiting home and finding parking can be rather difficult.  As I approached my apartment, I decided to take a look at all the “2 hour only/permit parking” spots available half a block or two away.

As predicted, tons of spots were open, unoccupied so late, which meant they would probably remain unused throughout the night.  I went up another block or two — tons of parking spots were open, but I couldn’t park because of these restrictions that would produce a ticket.

How the "Visit Philly" ads should look -- along with some truth!

I ended up driving up about 5-6 blocks to find a parking spot, past the point where Drexel public safety keeps watch, near Septa tracks and some sketchy looking car repair shop.

Instead of parking right by my apartment, in which I lived for almost three years now, I had to waste my time searching for parking, waste more time walking to and from the distance parking spot, and endanger myself and my car (break ins are very common).  My brain’s common sense buzzer is going off — if there are open spots, why can I not park there?  Oh, because I am not contributing revenue for the corrupt Philadelphia Parking Authority?  I am not paying for a parking permit for a public street that my high Philadelphia taxes should pay for?  Wonderful, Philadelphia, you’re a charm.


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