Spring Jam — Drexel’s Embarrassment

I just got back from checking out Drexel’s annual Spring Jam — man, I am more than disappointed.

This year, the Campus Activities Board decided on holding this event outdoors — rain or shine.  However, while they chose to spend their money on way too much security, fancy wrist bands and a device to make hand-shaped candle wax statues, they didn’t think to invest in a couple of canopies for a few of the things.  Namely, the food, which was being completely covered with Philadelphia’s acid rain.  Yum.

I feel really embarrassed to go to Drexel sometimes, namely, right now, when non-students actually paid for tickets.  Last year, the event was held indoors, and it was rain-proof and a lot of fun.  The Campus Activities MONOPOLY Board receives money directly from our tuition and usually holds some pretty terrible events, usually something “goes wrong,” every time, they run out of stuff, there’s not enough tickets, etc.  I wish the student body could have more of a say in this matter, but democracy doesn’t work.

I cannot wait to graduate and get as far away from this brand of academia as possible.  The bureaucracy, money and power disgusts me.


One thought on “Spring Jam — Drexel’s Embarrassment

  1. Stacey,

    The reason why the Campus Activities Board choose to have it outside this year was because the Armory can only hold a maximum capacity of 3,000 students. By having the event outdoors CAB can not only provide a festival atmosphere but also hold up to 12,000 students. This gives the opportunity for more Drexel students to attend Spring Jam. If Drexel staff knew that it was going to pour in the middle of the afternoon Drexel would have moved it to the rain location – the Armory. However since there was only a thirty percent chance of rain Drexel decided to have it outdoors. Some canopies definitely would have been nice though for the unexpected rain! Spring Jam is also a free concert compared to other schools – such as UPenn that charge up to $40.00 for tickets.

    In addition, the reason why CAB’s tickets for events sell out fairly quickly is because we only have a limited budget for the year and need to provide a diverse range of events to please the student body. Obviously, CAB would provide more tickets if we had the money to. We spend every penny of our budget compared to a few other orgs that don’t spend the full amount that they are allocated. The budget that we receive is decided by a SAFAC committee of Drexel students. If you ever have any suggestions for events feel free to email cab@drexel.edu, post on the facebook wall, or stop by the office on the 1st floor of Macallister hall. Thanks for your comments!

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