I’ve Been Busy . . .

I love lists.

  • The Students for a Stateless Society website is up (and slightly functional) here.
  • Student Liberty Front has three events this week, found here.
  • Shaman Scents-ational Fundraiser — donate money, get some scents, also we get to go into shops around Philly!
  • T-Shirt Fundraiser — donate $20 to your favorite liberty organization, get a t-shirt!  Another win-win!
Also, here is the Peter Schiff at Temple University video — it’ll blow your mind.  I was floored about my ignorance in choosing a major for my college education as well as choosing to go to college at all (really, this video makes you question dropping out even four years deep)!
I wrote this post yesterday and I have yet to submit it.  So I’ll do that now.  But just a warning things are going to be crazy until after Porcfest.

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