General Advice to Self (May Be Applicable to You, Too) and Personal Goals

  • Be honest to self and others
  • Nip deadlines in the bud (yes, I used that expression)
  • Re-write my written goals list — any updates?
  • Happiness is important.  Don’t do things that don’t make you happy.  Simple?
  • NO STRESS!  I’ve mastered (kinda) this recently and learned to smile and laugh at least a little bit.  It’s pretty awesome.
  • No more grudges.  Try to be rid of the current ones.  Forgive.
  • Use a calendar to schedule important dates — organization is important!
  • When anger strikes, go into a quiet space, go on a walk, be alone.  Don’t touch the internet!  (This is a personal issue, I love “talking shit.”)
  • Budget financials
  • Develop a better relationship with parents
  • Advertise Liberty Weddings through “daily deal” sites, organize a LW meetup for vendors
  • Get Shaman Scents in a few more shops in Philadelphia with displays
  • Prepare for Porcfest
  • Fitness goals reached, keep it up!  Start yoga again though!
  • Student Liberty Front = going strong, keep it up!  Plan summer events!
  • Study, study, study
  • Students for a Stateless Society is going to be awesome, work hard on it!
  • Accept the fact that I purchased about 300-400 t-shirts and I have to spray paint them all AND sell them.  Ideas, help, please!

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