Libertarianism Mentioned in the Classroom Today

Today in class, when reading through Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville, we got to the chapter concerning individualism and egoism.


Isn’t this  (individualism) kind of like libertarianism?  When you’re like, ‘I was as little government as possible messing with your business?’  But then it can get crazy and it becomes egoism, when you become selfish and don’t want to contribute anything to society.

I hate it when students pull out the libertarian card.  Generalizations.

Professor went on to say about Tocqueville’s philosophy,

You either have to ignore or conform to your individualist mindset about democracy in America.

What about fight against it using the democracy?  Or other means?

I hate classroom philosophy.  You read these great works — but the professors make it seem like you are not supposed to argue or discuss other possibilities at all!  Now 95% of these students believe that libertarians are selfish and hopelessly fighting against a necessary government.



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