Dubstep and Weddings

Last night was pretty epic.  Finally, after a long week of midterms, it was time to let loose.  The night prior, we went to a “Day of Dubstep event,” I ended up missing the shows before and after the one at Medusa Lounge, and it was alright, but not the best.  Also, it was only Thursday and I still had to get up semi-early the next day.

So last night we went to see Rusko at the Electric Factory — absolutely insane.  The place was packed to the point of mass occupancy.  Rusko came on after a few openers in a spectacle of lights — the letters R-U-S-K-O were huge light shows on their own, synced with the music, and there were strobes and headlights.  The music itself was excellent — not too loud, and definitely not too quiet — good speakers are what make a dubstep show.

I danced like crazy, and his music never got boring, which can be typical of dubstep because it is all heavy bass — but he kept it interesting!  I was surrounded by tons of different people, it seemed like kids as young as 13 were there!  Afterwards we went to a friend’s house for an “after party” of laser lights and more dubstep/house.  I even tried DJing, seems like a lot of fun, maybe I’ll give it a try in the near future!

Deanna and I are currently working on a project with a friend in the Philadelphia community.  He knows a laser tag place that will rent us the place over night if we can sell 200 tickets — which I think is doable if we promote an OVERNIGHT LASER TAG RAVE DANCE PARTY.  Seriously.  Our “label” is 2 Girls, 1 Dub, by the way.  =)

And this morning I had a wedding — my first in a couple of weeks, so I was getting very antsy.  It took place in Philadelphia Caterers, pretty old and historic building from the steel industry.

Liberty Weddings is now featured on Zooyan, too, found here: https://www.zooyan.com/tags-deals/philadelphia/bride

It is like a “daily deal” site, although this deal lasts more than a day, woo!  That makes sense with weddings because it is hard to decide on your officiant so quickly like that.

Hopefully more of those listings to come, I’ve got to push the advertising as much as possible in the next month because it is wedding season!


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