Ron Paul and Peter Schiff at Webster Hall, NYC

From Philly Decline,

Yesterday I ventured from Philadelphia via Megabus with a couple of friends to see Ron Paul and Peter Schiff speak at Webster Hall.

It had been rumored that Paul would be announcing his candidacy, and lo-and-behold, even before he arrived at the venue, iPhones and Blackberries were being passed around displaying articles that depicted his news.

Both Schiff and Paul arrived later than expected, giving the crowd ample time to have a few drinks from the bar — and let me tell you, there is nothing like a bunch of rowdy libertarians, crammed into a room, to drive up the passion. Chants of, “End the Fed,” “Ron Paul,” and “Peter” appeared even louder than the music blasting from the speakers.

Something that was interesting to note was the crowd’s anger when Dan Halloran, R-19th Council District NE Queens, got up on stage and called people “shit” who did not go through politics to achieve liberty. This was totally out of the blue, perhaps caused by intoxication, and continued into a rant of how everyone has to vote, even for Republicans whose party is not always liberty-minded. The crowd erupted in boos, which I thought was surprising, considering my few friends and I are usually the only anarchy-minded people in the room.

Eventually, Schiff spoke in typical Webster Hall fashion, slightly tipsy, but coherent and lacking the expected mundane heaviness that should accompany a talk about economics. He mentioned that the end is near for the dollar, which has to make you wonder what to do next if such a crash should (and supposedly will) occur.

Finally, it was announced Ron Paul would be arriving from his recording on the John Stossel show momentarily. We lined up near the door to snap a picture, but he “snuck” in through the back and made his way on stage. The energy was incredible and there was constant cheering from the crowd, hanging on every word he said, especially that was peace related, anti-war, anti-drug war and, of course, about ending the Fed. His speech was short and he left fairly quickly, I could imagine he would be tired after a day of being on the View, the Colbert Report, John Stossel, and a book signing!

We hung outside for a little bit, a few of us got interviewed for Fox News, and Schiff hung around for a bit, too. We are hosting him at Temple University on Wednesday, so more of him to come in the near future!

My concluding thoughts on the event would have to include an inner debate between anarchy/not voting and the massive force that of Ron Paul and his talent of converting people into libertarians. He certainly is a gateway into the liberty movement, he is rather inspiring to continue doing what he is at his age, and I definitely look up to him and I am grateful for what he does. I am still torn, however, on whether or not I will vote for or help his campaign. We will see!


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