Dance as Meditation

Last night I finally got my dub on!  Goth Trad came to Philadelphia from Japan, he is one of the first djs to play dubstep/drum and bass there!  I was a little “eh” about the fact that the venue was kind of small, but I still had a great time.  I woke up effortlessly this morning, even when working out and then dancing yesterday, with only six hours of sleep, which is ridiculous for me, I usually desperately need sleep.  This leads me to believe that the hypothesis of dance as meditation must be true:
Inner Rave
Rave as Meditation 

I would love to write a research paper or report on this topic, mainly using my own experiences, but it would be great to interview others, too!  This is quite the phenomenon!

Tonight I’ll be at another electronic music show, less dubstep, but that probably gives me more of a chance to relax and enjoy the beautiful beats!  


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