“Pot” Brownie Sale and Thoughts

Yesterday, the Student Liberty Front had a “pot” brownie bake sale to raise awareness on the failed war on drugs.

We sold brownies out of pots.

The looks on people’s faces . . . people legitimately thought we were selling marijuana brownies.

Activism events give me mixed feelings.  The people who do the drugs, for example, think that the whole thing is a joke and hardly pay attention to us, which I find disgusting because of how many people are in jail with their lives ruined over these horrible laws.  Seeing this apathy and lack of concern puts me into a zombie-like state of depression, because I can hoot and holler all day about this, but it is going to take a strong and large group of people who care to make change.  Also, the sheer ignorance of my peers is outrageous.  I am considering disaffiliating with any collective meaning of a “Drexel University student” because there is no way that I am on the same level as these people — but I suppose the grades in the classroom are more important than the individuals (Drexel has a pretty high drop out rate, too).

Yesterday was the first day in a long time, months even, that I felt stress take its hold on me.  I felt my brain boil when I lugged 60 pounds of brownies to the table, alone, set up, alone, and then was almost late to work because a member was late to pick up the shift at the table (after texting him all morning about the importance of being on time).  I felt like members were not interested in tabling, and asking them to kick it up a notch and pass out quarter sheets would have been ridiculous.  My goals as a central planner were not reached, which is why I have learned that the only way to achieve even a tad of your mission is to use coercion and force (hey, government).

But wait, I shouldn’t say that, and I don’t want to do that, so I need to rethink the entire way our group, or any group, runs.  Perhaps offering rewards for going above and beyond would be fine, especially because so many act in their own self interest.  Or perhaps I shouldn’t beat myself up over members who seem to only come to meetings for free pizza or to disrupt discussion.  Maybe it is time to kick up the outreach and find members that actually care about liberty.  Who actually want to work side by side with me in this — and even have a great time while doing it!

So much to think about, let’s hope I don’t tear myself apart over this.  Stress kills.


3 thoughts on ““Pot” Brownie Sale and Thoughts

  1. Remember in any group you will get 10% to sign up and 10% of those to attend and 10% of those to be active.

    Yeah out of any given 1,000 people who are interested in any cause 1 will be actively committed enough to routinely give time. You’ve found at least one so far – yourself.

    Another method used for organizing volunteers involves incorporating social bonding so that individuals want to hang out with those they consider friends. Although I can’t imagine anything much more fun than getting outside yesterday with a bunch of brownies.

  2. hey,
    I actually think these events are kind of cool. sure you get a lot of apathy but I feel like thats a given. Those people who dont care a ton would probably not even hear what you say otherwise, so even if they dont get pumped and want to change things, I think knowing that someone is fighting for something they like looks pretty good for us liberty-minded folk. Also i think the few truly interested people you reach matter enough that the small numbers are okay, i think this kind of event reaches people that normally wouldnt be engaged at all.
    isk, just my thought. like your blog btw, great style. hopefully one day I will be as savvy.

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