Why I am an Anarchist #1

I’m going to start a series on “why I am an anarchist.”  I will include items that make me question why everyone hasn’t been “enlightened” of this philosophy yet.

I am taking a class on the modern Maya in Guatemala.  The country has been through all sorts of Hell, and it is hard to miss the ties between the government, competing parties, revolutionaries, big businesses and hatred towards the indigenous people.

The documentary below, When the Mountains Tremble, depicts Guatemala’s history incredibly well.  It is directed by Rigoberta Menchú, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for her actions to bring light to the horrors happening in this country.

Watching the documentary in class, I was completely floored by what happened and what is still happening there.  And I mainly blame government for this.  Watch and learn (it is in English with Spanish subtitles).


2 thoughts on “Why I am an Anarchist #1

  1. I am an anarchist of several decades standing. I am glad we are not a dying breed. My question: what is it about this film that would make you an anarchist rather than, say, a communist, socialist, social democrate, liberal or even conservative?

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