Heels are genuinely retarded.

Seriously, every woman who walks around, clicking her little feet on the pavement on hard floor, making way too much noise for comfort, and thinking she “looks good” should put on some flats and knock it off.  You’re probably in more pain than it is worth.  I’m pretty convinced that heels compromise women more than help them — heels are useless.  The only reason you need to be taller is to reach something on a high shelf — but that is what a stool is for.  Get some flat platforms if you want to be tall.  Rant over.


One thought on “Heels are genuinely retarded.

  1. Thanks for putting this up. I’ve been asking women for years why they spend so much money on “the right shoes” to match their dress when they just complain about how uncomfortable they are and inevitably just wind up taking them off and going barefoot.

    I shall repost this.

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