• I’ve moved from being secretary to vice president (again) of Student Liberty Front
    • Interact with student population, schedule events, advertise, and act as a liaison to Events Services/OCA. The vice president substitutes for the president when he or she is unavailable.
  • My fitness level has increased drastically, I stopped a ring size (one of the only measure of my progress) and my stomach is about 1-2 inches from reaching my goal.
  • Applied to teach Spinning at a gym in South Philadelphia, my audition is this Thursday or Friday.
  • No updates on when the braces are coming off, but I had to reschedule my last two appointments, which I hate doing!  I’m starting to get really antsy to get these off!
  • Liberty Weddings is booming, although for some reason April is a very slow month.
  • I’m taking 5 political science classes and 1 anthropology class this term.
  • Finally installed some music mixing software on my computer, now I just have to learn its complexities.
  • Hoping to get Students for a Stateless Society going through the Center for a Stateless Society this term.  Need to get a few things done first with basic organization before doing this.
  • Lined up to go to 5 or 6 more “concerts” this month — my love for dancing and dubstep has increased dramatically, especially after this weekend.
  • Considering starting a small pet sitting business.

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