The Wonders of OKCupid

About 6 months ago, a bunch of my single friends joined OKCupid.  They started talking about how it was pretty cool for meeting new people, mainly for relationships, and my one friend even got lucky and found his girlfriend on there.

I pretty much have to jump on every bandwagon possible, so even though I have a boyfriend, I made an account.  He didn’t like this, but I had to do it!

While there are a few perverts (they’re everywhere), there are many upsides to joining OKCupid while being in a relationship:

  • Other people, also, are in relationships.  Surprise!  And surprisingly, a lot of people just want to make friends, too!
  • Fellow believers of polyamory run rampant on OKCupid!
  • Finding libertarian and anarchist people is more easy than on Facebook, and there are so many hidden in Philadelphia, it’s ridiculous!  A mecca waiting to be tapped!
  • OKCupid’s blog posts super cool studies like this one:  The Democrats Are Doomed, or How A ‘Big Tent’ Can Be Too Big

Trends in OKCupid (good and bad):

  • Too many silly Marxists claiming to be into “smashing the state” while supporting one!
  • Tough when you’re in a relationship and busy to meet all the awesome people you message — breaking the internet/real life connection.
  • Too many hipsters drinking Pabst, wearing silly classes, riding bikes . . .
  • Almost every girl is bisexual and an “uneducated” feminist

I’m hoping now that I’ve scoped out the locals, figured out who to stay away from, and saved a few members in my “favorites,” maybe I’ll attempt inviting them out to a liberty event of some sort.  We’ll see how it goes!


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