Government Doesn’t Use Coercion . . . of Course!

See this post on Craigslist jobs:

Are you having a hard time in this crazy economy? Are potential employers denying you for lack of job experience or training? Have you fallen short of your educational goals for high school or college? Have you ever wanted to serve your country and your community? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then the PA Army National Guard may be for you.

The Army National Guard and its Citizen Soldiers have been serving and defending our country since 1636. Our Citizen Soldiers drill one weekend a month, and train for two weeks in the summer. Our soldiers’ leadership and training are forged at Basic Training, where they are taught to master team concepts, physical fitness and discipline. Here are some other benefits:

*100% College Tuition

*Montgomery GI Bill and Kicker (if you qualify)

*Student Loan Repayment Program, up to $50,000 (If you qualify)

*Paid Training for various trades

*Medical Benefits and Life Insurance

This almost seems like bribery! ¬†Dangling free tuition, money and other awesome things in front of you — oh yeah, you just have to sign your life away!


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