“Scarlet” Comic — A++ for Anarchists!

So about a month ago, I ordered the comic Scarlet, 1-4.  I’ve left them sitting on my apartment floor for so long . . . finally picked them up last night.

Without giving too much away, Scarlet is a little bit of a rebellious girl, but not a purposeful trouble maker.  Just your average chick with a little bit of spunk.  One day, out of the blue, the cops start messing with her and her group of friends.  She hits one of them after he gropes her during a pat down and then runs with her boyfriend to escape.  The cop chases them down and shoots them both in the head, killing her boyfriend, but she survives.  Now she is out for vengeance against the police state for not only killing the person that she loved, but doing this all the time and getting away with it.

Definitely check it out.  And here’s a pretty good article about it.


2 thoughts on ““Scarlet” Comic — A++ for Anarchists!

  1. Hey, that looks awesome. Since I live in a small, rural town without a comic shop, where do I order comics from? Any particular retailer you’d recommend?

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