Libertopia College Coordinator!

w00t!  Thanks to Gary Chartier’s referral, I am the College Coordinator for Libertopia.  So I’ve got to get college students out to it!  That shouldn’t be too hard, especially because this year it is still going to have the same speakers and events, but it is going to be more of a “festival” this time around . . . 🙂

Here is a draft plan:

Libertopia College Coordinator Plan

  • Reach out to libertarian organizations directly
    • Email campus group leaders, do this a few times, 1) introduction, 2) more details, plan, follow up, 3) more urgent, “register now” type messages
    • Create a .doc plan for student leaders for funding, traveling, other details
  • Ask umbrella organizations of student groups to advertise Libertopia
    • Students for Liberty
    • Center for a Stateless Society (soon to launch Students for a Stateless Society)
    • Young Americans for Liberty
    • Individual Sovereign University
  • Student leader speaker at Libertopia, break out sessions for students
  • Use social media
    • Create a Facebook event from Libertopia page/group titled something like “Students at Libertopia 2011” or something similar — or maybe its own page!
    • Tweet?  (Maybe not worth the time).
    • Updates on website (special “students only” page that I can keep updated

Excited!  I didn’t make it in 2010, I can’t wait!


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