International Women’s Day

What do I think about it?  Mixed feelings.

1)  There’s no International Men’s Day

2)  I feel like this almost a case of affirmative action.  “Hey there, there is definitely a minority of kick ass women out there that have done awesome things . . . so let’s have a day made to celebrate them to make them seem more awesome then they really are!  Collectively, of course.”

3)  I get a little angry when I think about the above phenomenon.  I don’t like being judged by my gender, and I typically consider myself just an individual without a sex because of this.  But this is why I think I do so much more than most women — I don’t let gender roles bring me down.  I hope men recognize this in me!

4)  Most women recognized in this are political, manly things.  Growing up, who did I have to look up to?  Hillary Clinton, Amelia Earhart, Joan of Arc . . . ugh.  Great actresses are typically looked down upon for being “promiscuous” or something of the sort.  Women are pretty slim to none in the business world, although that isn’t necessarily the case in the “small business” world.  And genuinely intelligent, but feminine women . . . hardly known at all.

And so on.  Like I said, mixed feelings.  What do you think?


One thought on “International Women’s Day

  1. 1) you can have an International Men’s Day whenever you like. It’s also good to have a moment to think about men’s challenges in the 21st century. In a significant amount of countries, there is still military duty for men (only). In a significant amount of countries, men are tried for fellonies or crimes comitted by their wifes, sisters or daughters. Even though we as libertarians should be suspicious about branding people by their gender, gender exists and yes, gender matters in a way. And maybe not gender as a biological reality, but a social construct. And different genders have different challenges, just like different individuals or different races or religions etc.

    2) It’s not a affirmative action-issue at all. We are celebrating the work and ideals of people like Emmeline Pankhurst, Voltairine de Cleyre and Emma Goldman. This has nothing to do with women as XX-chromosome structures, but women as social constructs. Women have a whole history of liberation behind AND ahead of them. They have come a far way. And it’s good that we are aware of that history. That’s why I argue that men should be celebrating Women’s Day, rather than women. There can be no freedom without equality, therefore fighting for equal opportunity is never a bad thing. If you percieve this as a way to put you in the category ‘Women’ and ‘collectivize’ your arbitrary gender, I think this perception is wrong. We should make people aware that gender as a social construct is a lie, and women have been historically the victim of that, so that’s why it’s focussed on women. No gender ‘roles’, because that sounds coercive. it’s rather a reaction against it. it’s about gender equality.

    3) the problem is that the Left sees you as a victim (of history, of men and of society), and the Rights sees you as a ‘representative of your gender’. You are neither. I think libertarianism is making a mistake not to jump on this train of gender equality. of course, this is due to the conservative and right-wing currents that dominate the liberty movement, especially in the US. A call to emancipate the liberty movement from the Right and Conservatism!

    4) Of course, genuinely intelligent, feminine women are deliberately put back by the culture of conservatism and gender as a social construct. this leads to a dreadful confirmation bias. don’t buy into it! They’re not known not because they aren’t there, but because the current social fabric, rooted in paternalism and conservative social constructs, doesn’t want you to know about it. They want you to look up at what Hollywood serves you. Don’t buy into that.

    If you’re by any chance interested in the women’s rights movement in Europe and european anarchofeminism, you should check out Martha Ackelsberg work “Free Women in Spain”. I can really highly recommend it.

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