Yoga Musings: Power Yoga

I’ve been told that the term “power yoga” is some Western development invented to keep crazy “fitness people” so they can be content while enjoying the many benefits of the deemed “light” exercise.

I wouldn’t dismiss “power yoga” just yet — in fact, I think that you can just cut the word “power” out completely.  I have yet to take a yoga class that doesn’t require effort — and having taken straight vinyasa (flow) yoga for 10 weeks, I can tell you that taking a “simple” hatha yoga class still is pretty challenging.  I would certainly call my vinyasa yoga class more challenging, although both require “power!”

“Power yoga” certainly helps with advertising to the “elite” gym member, but perhaps replace the term power and start educating your students that yoga is always a challenge.  Using your own body to hold tough positions, deep stretches and remain focused is tough work!  I use myself as an example — I put myself through super tough hour bike rides with resistance on the Spinning bikes, but when it comes to yoga, I can hardly hold a plank for a minute!

Conclusion:  Take yoga classes now.  Don’t have access to a gym?  YouTube!


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