October 12th – Present

Libertarian Examiner:

Another Proposition disproves liberal stereotype

Cyberbullying can be prevented with advocacy, not legislation

Freedom of speech in danger

Government declares a war on cybercrime

It is simple, politicians do not relate to youth voters

Left right paradigm does not exist

Pennsylvania’s Liquor Control Board wants to “can” Four Loko

Philadelphia Housing Authority spends landlords’ money . . .

Philadelphia rally planned just in time for Fed stimulus . . .

Coffee Examiner:

Enticing coffee flavors for the fall season appear in cafés

K-cups are the newest coffee trend

Review of Lore’s Espresso & Cappuccino Bar


V for Vendetta movie night tonight!  Remember, remember the 5th of November!

Heading up to Boston tonight for the Students for Liberty regional conference!

I’ve got a wedding on November 20th.

Philadelphia police are ridiculous.

Already thinking about February, definitely the month of liberty with Students for Liberty International Conference, CPAC and Liberty Forum!


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