Started my own agorist “business!”

Starting out with very few orders — a little discouraging!  Although I think I will be making it big time at Porcfest and other liberty events.

Basically, I buy wholesale oils and then bottle them myself.  I was inspired by my own use of these oils.  You see them being sold on street corners, in ethnic shops, and other varied locations.

They’re not as commercial as perfumes/colognes, but guess what?  Those products are NOT GOOD FOR YOU.  They have alcohol in them, they dry the skin, along with other chemicals included . . . no good!

Lavender essential oil contains a real sprig of the herb!

My body oils are unique and they’re just as strong as perfume.  They contain skin soothing and moisturizing elements.  I sell both natural and essential body oils.  Essentials come straight from the herbs or plant.

Can’t get off your favorite cologne or perfume?  Tell me what you use and I can find it in oil form.  Your favorite scent.  Cheaper, healthier and I can even make it more potent!  Why are you paying $50+ dollars for a bottle of scented poison?

If you go to the online shop, you can use coupon code “bogo1” — buy one bottle, get the second for a dollar!  And shipping is only a dollar per transaction for this special, so for 9 dollars, TWO BOTTLES!   This is an awesome deal and it will really help me get started!

Do you want to support me and get something out of it?  Order from Shaman Scents.  I guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed.  I was skeptical when I purchased my first body oils in a New Orleans voodoo shop and in a Wiccan shop in my hometown — I paid FOUR TIMES as much as I am
charging and I was SO IMPRESSED and HAPPY with my purchases that I wanted to sell my own and make these products available to you for a cheaper rate!

The soothing effects are wonderful — every morning, I dab on my oil, walk out the door and feel like a billion bucks.  Different scents have different healing properties, create different feelings, but all are equally as special.  I really want to share this with you, the excitement and passion!

Make your order today!


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