Week of May 17th, 2010

What a week!  I won two awards!  One, at the Drexel University Student Life Awards, I won Student Leader of the Year!  What a surprise!  All my hard work has finally paid off!  Two, I won first place in the Campus Freedom Network incentive program, resulting in a 42″ TV, a Mac computer, a Flip video camera and a 16gb iPod touch.  Oh, how I love technology!

There are three more weeks left in the term and luckily I had a few days of rest this week to prepare for the massive amount of busy work associated with “learning” at college.  After finals, I am going down to New Orleans for my “summer break” of one whole week to work for Habitat for Humanity (yes, I know about Jimmy Carter and government funding, shh) and “party” on Bourbon Street.

For Student Liberty Front, a few members went to the John Stossel show in NYC on Wednesday, May 19th, attended two showings, and even got on air!  Those of us who stayed back at Drexel had a meeting discussing our upcoming Student Liberty Front conference in the summer and debated about illegal immigration.  On June 2nd, we plan on having a Che Guevara movie showing and discussion, which should get a lot of people thanks to a “teaser” promotion we are going to be using.  “Who is Che?”, “Who’s the man on the t-shirt?”, “What is revolution?”, etc.

Now that summer is on its way, I hope that students who actually have summer break at other campuses are working on starting up liberty groups — this is where being a Students for Liberty Campus Coordinator will come in.  2-3 months is more than enough time to prepare the paperwork and become prepared to start a group on campus.  It blows my mind to think that there are campuses out there with no groups like Student Liberty Front, Students for Liberty, Young Americans for Liberty and more — especially because my passion is so high in regards to my beliefs.  I cannot begin to stress to students how important it is that they take a few hours out of their lives to get these clubs started — and I am more than willing to help.

As I write this, I am on my way to an Anarcho Capitalist Meetup in NYC — the Bolt Bus is actually an enjoyable experience thanks to wi-fi!  Meeting new people in the movement is always fun — and this summer is filled with a conference almost every weekend!   “Wow, there is actually a market for liberty!”  I find myself thinking over and over again now-a-days.  I am not worried about finding a job after graduation because of this — which is awesome (OK, I worry a little bit, but you know).

Final thoughts:  I am very busy, the liberty movement is growing, I love traveling, student involvement in liberty is a beautiful thing, summer is filled with liberty conferences, Che Guevara t-shirts are funny, and I should try to be happy, because life is pretty good at the moment, personally and on the liberty front.


And good news!  I will be the first Anarchist Examiner!  Coming soon!


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