Protest at Drexel University educates students about tax facts

Original found at Philadelphia Libertarian Examiner

Free t-shirts sporting “Don’t Steal, the Government Hates Competition” were given out as incentives for answering a few quiz questions at a Student Liberty Front protest that took place yesterday at Drexel University.

Surprisingly, students, faculty and staff could hardly answer a few simple questions relating to taxes in general.  Even questions like, “What day is Tax Day?”  were answered with a “I don’t know,” even though technically everyday is tax day in America.

Other questions included:

“What happens when you don’t pay your taxes?”
“What century was the Federal Income Tax amendment added to the Constitution?”
“What president claimed that the federal income tax included in the Revenue Act was the ‘biggest mistake of his life’?”
“Can the government go out of business if it goes into debt?”
“What is the current federal deficit to the nearest trillion?”

Overall, it was a very educational event and hopefully along with getting free t-shirts, students hopefully learned a bit about taxation in America — although from what I’ve noticed, being clueless, uninformed and apathetic is all the rage now-a-days.


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