4/20 lights up the country with civil disobedience

Original found at Philadelphia Libertarian Examiner

I have to say that I am utterly disappointed with living in a country that is so backwards with its drug laws.  And this is where this date, 4/20/10, makes the scene.

The number of points towards the legalization of marijuana are endless.  Compare marijuana to a legal substance, alcohol.  Discuss how marijuana is used for medicinal purposes.  Think about how it is relaxing and can help with stress/anxiety.  Wait, why is it illegal again?  Oh yes, because it might make you question stupid laws and regulations like this one with an open mind!

But to get past the law aspect of the situation, whose right is it to decide what you put into your own body?  Do you own yourself? I certainly hope so.

People around the country are rebelling against unjust drug laws and criminalization of a plant that seemingly does more good than harm.  In Philadelphia, there will most likely be some sort of protest at 4:20PM at City Hall.  The infamous South Street Cannabis March will take place on May 1st, 2010, meeting at 3:00PM at South and Broad Streets and then marching at 4:20PM down to 2nd and Lombard, where there will be speakers, vendors and music.

Enjoy your day!


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