More College Loans? Good or Bad Thing?

More college loans.  Sounds great, huh?

Think of it this way:

Now that there’s more loans, what is keeping colleges from simply raising costs of tuition?  Nothing.

So . . . more loans . . . higher tuition?  Some how, I don’t think that’s too good for the economy, although it may appear to be beneficial to the individual.


2 thoughts on “More College Loans? Good or Bad Thing?

  1. In short, I think you are misplacing blame (though I could be reading this incorrectly). In long… It really depends on how you draw the line. If you think about all the under privileged people who are 100% capable of doing society a favor but due to financial reasons would not be able to otherwise attend university, is it worth it? Is it worth being able to deny them access so that everyone who now can afford it (despite their own capabilities) can have a somewhat cheaper tuition? And before you say that without loans tuition would be cheap enough for everyone, think: if that were the case, why are there student loans in the first place? And how much blame can you place on the government anyway?(I am assuming you are referring to federally backed loans) Is it the government’s fault that because they made it easier for students to attend university, colleges raise tuition? It sounds to me like universities are more to blame for the damage this might cause to the economies. You can’t blame them for looking out for themselves to make a profit (which goes to their endowment), but in the end it is them who hurt the economy, not the loan givers.

  2. Not to mention colleges that don’t have the drawing power of lets day Upenn. Will keep their quality of education very high while having their admission standards very low. Essentially to have a very large freshmen class where a significant portion of the students wont make it past the first year.

    Also, it is annoying to have over 100k in debt.

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