LOLA Spotlight: Karen Emery!

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LOLA is beginning a monthly LOLA SPOTLIGHT position for women who have shined a light in the movement of liberty and have proved themselves as being an ideal figurehead to others.

Our first SPOTLIGHT goes to Karen Emery, founder of DelValley Silver!  Karen and her husband seemingly attend every conference involving liberty, promoting their business and private bartering everywhere.  They never cease to amaze me with their determination and strong work ethic — and as DelValley Silver grows, their hard work is paying off!

Karen Emery and her husband, Bob Emery.Karen and her husband attend just about every liberty event imaginable.

Explain what brought about your passion for liberty.

It was a progression.  I enrolled into my master’s program in Finance and was forced to take two Econ classes as a prerequisite.  Turns out my college (Walsh College, Troy MI) teaches only Austrian Economics.  I ended up going for a dual master’s:  Finance/Economics.   Learning Austrian Economics opened up a whole new world that I didn’t know exist.  I began to read heavily, “Economics in One Lesson” and “What Has Government Done to Our Money?” were two eye openers.  These things brought out my passion for sound money.  Most recently, however, I can point to two things The first is “Free Talk Live” radio station.  This station portrays the community of freedom lovers as learned through the Free State Project of NH.  The second, is the meet up group, “Truth, Freedom and Prosperity”.  This group brings together all “sects” of liberty lovers.  I’ve learned a lot from both of these.

Explain some activities you participate in to further the cause of liberty.

My husband and I founded the Levittown Constitutional Advocates (meetup) group.  We have a monthly meeting where area residents can voice their concerns about what’s going on around them.  We also are a teaching group as we are just finishing up “The 5000 Year Leap” and plan on going on to the Federalist Papers next.

What is Del Valley Silver?

DelValley Silver, Inc. uses a silver token system to value a merchant’s products and/or services. The consumer purchases silver tokens at a wholesale price that is tied to the market price of silver. The consumer in turn spends their DelValley silver tokens at their community merchant who accepts the tokens at the value the Merchant agrees is fair.

For example, even if the 1 oz. DelValley silver rounds are selling for a wholesale price of $20.00 each, each merchant can decide what market value or “coupon” value they would accept the token for. It is a flexible and free market approach to doing business.

You can read more about DelValley Silver at


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