Troubles coming to an end. Hopefully.

One more week!  One more week!

I’m currently blaming all my depression, stress, and anger on co-op, so once it’s done I hope it all goes away.  YES, one more week!  And then I’m off to beautiful Georgia to hopefully regain some pigment in my skin and get some vitamin D from the sun!

And I hope to start writing articles for Examiner again.  1 a day, I hope.  The politics section is being plagued with a bunch of crazy neo-cons and liberal “I don’t know how to speak in English” types.  Hopefully I’ll balance that out again.

I actually realized being an “almost pragmatist” libertarian type makes balance very easy amongst irrational people.  I tried it out this weekend when a fight broke out and it seemed to work.  I told my friend A not to condemn friend B who upset her . . . or even punish her.  I told her that friend B’s actions would speak loudly towards her own image and people would not respect her because of that.  By not condemning friend B, friend A was being stronger and setting the best example in the end.  Ta da.

Oh yes, and did I mention that I MARRIED SOMEONE this weekend?  Being an ordained minister is awesome, haha.


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