Co-op will be ending in two weeks.  Then I’m off to Albany, GA to work with Habitat for Humanity (a yearly tradition).

Elections are coming up in SLF.  To run or not to run for president.  While I know I can do it, I don’t want to let anyone down . . . I just am hoping and praying for a hard working e-board.  The end of this term I’ve been stressing out, feeling like I’m overworking myself for the group . . . but it’s probably all in my head.  A new e-board will be refreshing, especially since Ms. Secretary and me don’t get along anymore.

I’m glad Pericles is sending out an email to all of our “supplies” for more stuff.  That’ll be refreshing for next term!  I’m trying to get some speakers ready and set up some events, but I can’t be too hasty because all of this needs to be voted on and what not.  I should seriously start the Stacy Litz club — and do what I want!

I’ve been trying to secure a part time job for next term.  I started working as a campus representative.  Check ’em out at!  Add your classes, rate professors, and more!  (Shameless promotion).  I’m hoping to get my job back at the Korman Center, though, (computers!), but I’m not getting a big response.  I’m out of work study hours and basically screwed.

Other stuff:  History of Black Power class coming to an end.  I present for 4 minutes this Thursday on “The Government’s Role in Black Power” — as in how government caused inequality in the first place.  How government is to blame for many problems involving racism, discrimination, etc.  Should be fun.

I’m trying to get my diet into shape.  I’ve become a diet soda addict AGAIN.  Co op does this to me.  The lack of sleep and high stress puts me in a horrible cycle.  I’ve been burning off everything that I’ve been eating and I know its been killing me, but I’m trying to get some weight off for the warm weather.  But the diet soda needs to go.  As soon as co-op is over, it is going to be water, water and water.  I want to be a health nut, I really do.  It’s just not happening with this horrible lifestyle.  Also, I’ve got to start working on Tyler’s eating habits, they are a mess, too.  I’m not eating enough, he’s eating too much and we’re both addicted to soda/energy drinks.  Not good!

Oh yeah, and I’m the officiant of my friend Theresa’s wedding this weekend.  Should be very interesting!


2 thoughts on “Life.

  1. Hey, I was wondering how much you made working as a Koofers rep and did you like it? I’m considering it as long as it doesn’t consume too much of my time and it’s actually worth it.
    Thank you!

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